Monday, January 29

Update on our new home

I hope you have enjoyed looking around my blog. Right now, we are waiting for a shipment of new beads. A lot of fun coming our way.

To all of you who have supported me by (purchasing a piece) or sharing my blog information with your friends and family. Thank you very much. You have no idea how much the support means to me.

Custom Pieces
I've had some fun creating custom pieces. For one friend A, I created a piece (with her insight) for her high school age niece. The necklace(which-I forgot to get a photo of) was a beautiful pink organza necklace with mixed pink hued swarovski crystals and fresh water pearl.
Another customer recently requested a custom Lariat. Some of the most fun can happen when creating a custom piece for someone. If you see something you like, but wish it was on a different chain or with a different stone- ask and we'll see what we can create.

New Lines
Coming soon a children's line and a wedding line.

Trunk Shows
As more pieces are created I will be happy to host a trunk show at your home. Anywhere in the local bay area. Once the website is up and running I plan to host a opening event , so you can all come and try on the pieces.

On to the most important part-our new home. As you may know, this venture started as Little Black Dress Jewelry. Which, while I love the idea and tag line behind all of this. We ran into some copyright issues and hence *Cheeky Jewelry* was born. We are in the process of creating our website and expect to have a true shopping home in a few months.

Thank you for coming back and hope to give you the *Cheeky* look soon!

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